Tennis Recruitment Companies – Secrets from the inside.


What’s it like to be recruited to play college tennis? Most people will think of movies and will picture the “Blind Side” courting that brought everyone from Nick Saban to Lou Holtz to the living room to hear their sales pitch. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Tennis is not even close to a… Read More

How A Single Event Changes Lives

Have you ever wondered how to gain an edge on your recruitment? Why not give the University Sports Program (USP) College Tennis Circuit a try? The Showcase Circuit has given players exposure to hundreds of college coaches on site in a tournament-like environment for over a decade. Most  players are juniors or seniors in High… Read More

Top USP Players In College Tennis By UTR


Miami, FL – The USP team is extremely proud of the difference we make in every one of our players. From being part of the UM Vallverdu’s tradition with Laura and Daniel to Nebraska’s own German Dalmagro, our clients are the best exponent of our daily work and how much pride their success brings to… Read More

Mike’s Recruitment Story

Mike's Recruitment Story

    Every time Mike gets a chance to hit the ball, you can hear the pain he inflicts in the wind. Mike, who was once considered a tennis prodigy, has come to terms with his future. He may never be “the next big thing” but he is likely to still have a much clearer… Read More

Florida Rain, Tennis Talent And Lots Of College Coaches.

The 11th USP International College Tennis Showcase Brought Over 70 College Coaches And 120 Players To The Midtown Athletic Club In Weston. MIAMI, FL – After 10 years, 400 players signed and over 6 million dollars in scholarship out of the USP International College Tennis Showcase, Thomas E. Anderson, the Showcase founder had some lofty expectations… Read More

How College Tennis Changed My Life

I was getting ready to write my article when I thought that rather than giving you advice on different topics on college recruiting, it would be great to interview a college coach, who at one point was a junior player looking from the outside in. What a better person for this than German Dalmagro at… Read More

Who Really Gets Recruited?

Your recruitment process as a college tennis player is no different than a company looking to hire a new employee. It includes research, evaluation, interview, comparisons, negotiations and offer. Coaches understand that they are evaluated first and foremost by their team results. A winning record or a trip to the NCAA Championships could be their… Read More

Getting To Know Salvador Bolanos

Just as we are finishing the student calendar year, USP wants to move the focus unto the protagonist of this beautiful endeavor that the  College  Placement is. We will be unveiling each week a profile and inside look into the USP student-athletes to get a better chance to meet  them. This week we are focusing… Read More