University Sports Program

Since 1994, University Sports Program (USP) is a pioneer and a world leader in college placement for National and International student-athletes.

USP with offices in Miami, Florida, USA, has a network with over 2000 colleges and 25,000 coaches in 23 sports.

With scouts and agents in the USA and different countries, USP has helped thousands of student & athletes fulfill their dreams of playing college sports and earning athletic & academic scholarships.

What makes USP unique, in an industry where many recruiting agencies continue to be born, is that it will only offer a “one on one” service, where the work for each client is specifically designed according to personal goals, individual needs and a custom made college type profile. The result: 100% of USP clients get recruited and continue later to succeed in their professional life.

Click HERE for a complete list of colleges where USP has placed one or more clients.