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ASAJ and USP have reached an agreement to ensure the future of Jamaican swimmers.

Thanks to the collaboration agreement, the Jamaican swimmers will be able to study and improve their athletic performance while attending College in the United States of America.

ASAJ and USP have reached an agreement to ensure the future of Jamaican swimmers.

Miami, Florida. (January 28, 2019) — The Aquatic Sports Association of Jamaica (ASAJ) and University Sports Program (USP) have signed an agreement so that swimmers  from every community and of all levels can be trained, academically and athletically in Universities of the United States through the aid of scholarships.

 In this way, swimmers who meet the academic and athletic requirements demanded by American universities, will be able to continue their education and expand their swimming skills in the best universities in the world.

 ASAJ and USP will carry out a series of actions during the year to promote the different options available in the United States for Jamaican swimmers that are in the range of 14 to 19 years. Among the scheduled activities, seminars will be held to educate athletes, parents and coaches about the operations of the college sports system and the opportunities they offer for foreign athletes. Likewise, USP will act as a direct advisor to ASAJ for any topic related to College swimming in the USA.

 On the other hand, through this agreement, USP will award annually one full scholarships to the best Jamaican swimmer ranked by FINA. This scholarship will cover the cost of registration to attend the first USP College Swimming Event.

 Since 1995, USP has managed the placement of more than 1900 Student-Athletes, achieving more than 45 million dollars in athletic and academic scholarships. For this, USP counts on the collaboration of the most recognized coaches in the country, who understand the importance that their students continue with their academic career.

 USP’s President and Founder, Thomas E. Anderson, highlighted the desire to help the new generations of Jamaican swimmers, and increase their chances of success by combining studying and swimming in American universities.

 “The opportunities are endless. The appeal for the Jamaican swimmers goes beyond the sports scholarship, " Anderson says. "The opportunities offered by the American university system, makes it the perfect destination for many young athletes. In addition, upon leaving university, the students return to their country with a College education and a formidable international experience, which puts them in an ideal situation when entering the labor market.”

 The President of ASAJ, Mr. Martin Lyn, was motivated to establish the agreement. Emphasizing that USP differs in the strategic methods of placing young athletes in the most prestigious universities in the USA, under a comprehensive and individual involvement.


Since 1994, University Sports Program (USP) has been the pioneer and world leader in the College  placement of National and International Student-Athletes. USP, with offices in Miami, Florida, USA, has a network of more than 3,000 universities and 25,000 coaches in 23 sports. What makes USP unique, within an industry where many recruitment agencies continue to be born, is that it only offers a "One on One" service. The result: 100% of USP clients are recruited and lead a successful professional life. For more information call (305) 554-1124 or visit

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