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Do You Qualify as a Prospective College Student - Athlete?

Do You Qualify as a Prospective College Student - Athlete?



You MUST answer YES to each of the following questions

  • You are currently in high school or have recently graduated.
  • If you have graduated from high school for over 6 – 12 month, you have begun studying at a university as a part of full time student.
  • You are in process or have successfully completed all subjects from an accredited high school.
  • You have completed your “Core Courses” on time and have achieved the minimum required GPA
  • You are capable or have already achieved the required scores on the SAT and ACT tests. For minimum scores go to How important are your grades?
  • For International students living in a non-English speaking country: You are capable of passing the TOEFL test. For minimum scores go to How important are your grades?



You must NOT have engaged in any of the following actions which may violate college amateurism rules:

  • Have contracted with professional teams
  • Received a salary for participating in athletics
  • Received prize money above actual and necessary expenses
  • Played with professionals on the same team
  • Participated in tryouts, practices or competition with professional teams
  • Received benefits from an agent or prospective agent
  • Agreed to be represented by an agent
  • Delayed initial full-time collegiate enrollment to participate in organized sports competition

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