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Getting To Know Salvador Bolanos

Interview to Salvador Bolaños fro El Salvador, before his commitment to Rollins College (2016)

Getting To Know Salvador Bolanos

Just as we are finishing the student calendar year, USP wants to move the focus unto the protagonist of this beautiful endeavor that the  College  Placement is. We will be unveiling each week a profile and inside look into the USP student-athletes to get a better chance to meet them.

This week we are focusing in Salvador Bolanos, the number 1 junior tennis player in El Salvador. Salvador, who was selected part of the senior Davis Cup for El Salvador at 14 years, old will be graduating from High School in July 2016 and will start college in Fall 2016.

We first meet Salvador and his dad in our 2014 USP International College Tennis Showcase, they came to experience the college atmosphere and be part of the recruitment process for the first time. Since then we have been helping him find the college of his dream.

This young man, that comes from a bilingual high school and speaks English as fluently as Spanish, enjoys Math and sciences (He just scored 710/800 in his SAT Math Section)  as his favorite subjects in school. Since the first time I meet him until this point he has truly become the player we believe he can be and should only blossom in the college environment where we believe he could impact a  college team from the get-go.

USP: Salvador, thank you for taking the time.

Salvador Bolanos: It is my pleasure.

USP: Are you ready?

SB: Yes, let's go.

USP: How is your personality?

SB: I am a nice easygoing person that cares about others. I am also a happy person that enjoys life.

USP: If we ask your Friends to describe you, what would they say?

SB: That I am committed, hard-working, proactive, and fun.

USP: What do you like to do in your free time away from school and your sport?

SB: Go out with friends and family.

USP: What are your personal goals?

SB: Try to become a better friend, better brother and better son.

USP: What are your professional goals?

SB: Be recruited by a great college and play on the tennis team.

USP: What would you tell a coach to convince him or her that you are the best prospect?

SB: I believe in teamwork, I am a well-rounded person, and I am disciplined.

USP:  Who is your favorite athlete?

SB: Novak Djokovic.

USP: If you can pick one to role model, who would it be?

SB: Winston Churchill.

USP: What item in your locker will surprise everyone?

SB: Photo of my family

USP: We are almost done. Give me a special ability that no-one knows, but you are capable of doing?

SB: I am very good at singing

USP: To wrap things up, what makes Salvador Bolanos an attractive prospect to college coaches.

SB: I believe I can be a much better college player that I have been a junior. I love the team atmosphere and I am sure I will thrive in it. Lastly, I am very school oriented and I am looking forward to the pressure of juggling my studies with my tennis in the college atmosphere.

USP: Thank you so much for taking the time Salvador. It has been a pleasure.

SB: Thank you, guys.

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