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Pomp and Circumstance - Everyone Deserves to March

This year thousands of graduation ceremonies were canceled, and even though some were "replaced" by online ceremonies, it's not even close.

Pomp and Circumstance - Everyone Deserves to March

It is one of my most cherished memories, I was joking around with my friends, we were laughing while trying to hide how nervous we were, the university provided our caps and gowns just a couple of days before, and I remember there was a rehearsal, but it is completely different when your Alma Mater's Grand Auditorium is packed, all those people, everyone's families taking pictures, everyone full of joy and cheer.

What a moment. They finally called my name, I went up a few steps to the stage, and there they were, The University President, The Vice President, The Dean of Social Sciences, and.. my Grand Father -- turns out that my "grandpa" was once the president of that university -- since he was the most senior authority present, he was presiding the act and he handed me my College Diploma.

He was so proud, and I was so happy to share that moment with him, my parents were there too, as well as some close friends and family, everything happened so fast, and to be honest, I didn't realize what was happening until the music started, you know what I'm talking about right? the graduation march we hear in every college movie.

This classical piece is called "Pomp and Circumstance" it was composed by Sir Edward Elgar in 1904. Fun fact, it wasn't originally intended for graduation ceremonies, at least not only for that type of ceremonies, but it worked so well, that it has become one of the most recognizable pieces of music in the world. When I heard those notes I felt something truly amazing, a sense of completion, after all those years of hard work and sacrifice, I was finally getting my degree, I suddenly realized that I truly accomplished something great.

This year thousands of graduation ceremonies were canceled, and even though some were "replaced" by virtual ceremonies, it's not even close. I know It's just a ceremony, a symbolic act that doesn't change anything, every student should be as proud as I was at that moment and every parent or grandparents as well. But there is something about ceremonies, that's why we do them, it meant something to deep inside me and I think everyone who finished college deserves to live that moment too. So, if you know anybody who graduated this year, let them know how proud you are, congratulate them and please send them the March Pomp and Circumstance. They deserve that moment, to listen to those notes, and feel accomplished.

Here's our salute to the new graduates, The Class of 2020 - USP Student-Athletes


This class is very special for me because these are the student-athletes we were working with when I first started in USP, in the last couple of days we have been exchanging pictures and memories about those "kids", they have now graduated and our team couldn't be prouder.

Carlos Onate



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