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The latest College Admission Scandal: My Point of View

by Thomas E. Anderson

The latest College Admission Scandal: My Point of View

Tuesday’s events related to the charges for racketeering, money laundering and related frauds in college admissions were shocking for many of us who have been in the athletic recruiting industry for so many years. It is very sad to know that college coaches accepted bribes in exchange for facilitating student’s admissions when in some cases, these students were not even recruited, athletes.


So who is at fault here? It starts with the Parents who are willing to pay these bribes for their kids to be admitted into colleges that they cannot get in by their own academic merits. Then, the corrupted Agent, at Edge College & Career Network and the non-profit Key Worldwide Foundation, who made himself a huge business by conducting this scheme. finally, those Coaches, who took advantage of an opportunity to make some incredible amount of money just by listing these students as a preferred admission candidate.


The College Placement job is one that must be taken very responsible and should be played by the rules. We are defining the future of young people and at the same time, we are contributing to the reputation of universities across the country.


When hired by a parent to represent and place a kid into a college, it goes far beyond academics or athletics. It should go beyond financials. It’s about guiding them to a place where they will blossom, mature, grow, boost and rise as human beings. This place should be somewhere that matches their skills and potential. Where they will make lifetime friends and have the best time of their life. Shame to all those parents who want their child to be part of a big name university just for their own ego!


It is a relief to know that most college coaches are honest hard working people who care for their athletes and do not break rules, that most parents just want the best for their kids and will ask them to earn what they want to achieve in life, and that most college placement agencies are ethical and will only do what is best for their clients and colleges, we do.

Thomas E. Anderson

CEO and Founder

University Sports Program

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