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Where are They Now?

Success Stories after 26 years impacting the lives of young people...and their families.

Where are They Now?

This article was published in Florida Tennis Magazine, September - October 2020 Edition:

I’m so inspired and rewarded to see what our students are accomplishing. After 26 years in college placement and 1700 students later I’m more motivated than ever to continue impacting the lives of young people...and their families. In my journey I have learned a few things:

  1. That first, we must understand who our student is as a person regardless of their academic or tennis profile, to be able to find that one college where they will maximize their potential. 

  2. That being happy and motivated in college is more important than any ranking or brand name institution.

  3. That “dream schools” can become “safety schools” when planning ahead and putting in the time + effort.

  4. That coaches want winners off the court. People who inspire others. Role models. 

  5. That parents are a very important component in the recruiting process.

  6. That the competition in recruiting is fierce for the limited college team spots. It takes a well structured recruiting plan, with the elements of creativity and consistency.

The impact of helping families opening the doors for their son or daughter’s college future cannot be measured. Putting them in the right environment goes beyond a degree, is helping them build their character that will begin shaping their life. Here are some great samples of successful young people who played college tennis that you probably never heard about, but that for us they are Superstars:  

Adrian Reed played at Florida Gulf Coast University and is now an assistant project manager at Quality Enterprises USA. “The many lessons I have learned throughout my time at Florida Gulf Coast University have really prepared me in many ways to become a competitor to local citizens and break into a management position in a competitive industry such as construction.

Yolimar Ogando played at the University of Miami and is now a staff accountant at Lennar Corporation. “College tennis gave me a family, gave me maturity, and helped me achieve my professional goals.” 

Franz Sydow played at the College of Charleston and is now an assistant managing director of Botica di Servicio Aruba. “College tennis gave me the discipline to be able to train three to four hours a day, go to class, study, and do well while maintaining a social life.”

Chris Pensavalle played at Oklahoma Christian University and is now the director of VWTA Tennis at Tulsa University. “I was one of the first USP customers back in 1995. Thomas and his team provided the guidance, support and logistics to maneuver the scholarship environment.”

Karen Alvarez played at Iowa State University and is now a B2B analyst at Tramontina. “Stop being afraid of what can go wrong and start being positive about what can go right.”

Dylan Hall played at the University of Alabama Huntsville and is now the head tennis professional and social media manager at Greenwich Racquet Club. “Playing college tennis was the most tremendous experience of my life. My college tennis journey taught me the true value of extreme commitment, teamwork, and perseverance.”

Anton Peskov played at Florida Atlantic University and is now the director of iTravex. 

Alonso Tomas played at the University of Missouri—Kansas City and is now the owner of Altico Trading LLC. “I would have never received the opportunities I did had it not been for the combination of tennis and college. Together, they taught me how to focus under pressure, persevere, and work hard for what I want to accomplish.”

Martin Parks played at Campbell University and is now Crest Associates Tennis Coach & Mental Skills Performance Consultant at Pepperdine University

Andres Gonzales played at Virginia Intermont College and is now the director of implementation at Datex Corporation.

Gustavo Oribe played at Florida International University and is now the owner-director of Canas Tennis Academy LLC. “Thomas Anderson helped me understand the process of entering into college tennis in the U.S. and worked to get my first scholarship. I’ll be forever grateful to Thomas.”

Francisco Diaz played at East Tennessee State University and is now the CFO at The Apollo Group in Fort Lauderdale.

Gilat Barzilai played at Illinois State University and is now the mental coach at Israel Tennis Center in Jerusalem.

Fabian Gonzales played at the University of Tennessee and is now a partner, senior consultant, and trainer at Performance Excellence Solutions. “USP was a major trampoline in my life! It guided me through the process and helped me believe it could happen — and it did happen!”

Francesca Ceppi played at Mount Olive College and is now a recruiter/human resources employee at Korn Ferry. “Being a tennis student-athlete was an amazing experience that changed my life forever. I was able to develop skills that are easily transferable to any sphere of life: leadership, communication, time-management, and teamwork. I can firmly say I wouldn't be the person I am today without this experience and the people I met through it.”

Daniela Ramirez played at Georgia State University and is now a graduate assistant coach at Georgia State Athletics. “USP was crucial in the process of finding a scholarship. I don’t think I would’ve gotten such a great opportunity without their advice and guidance. They definitely set you up for success.”

Ana Sofia Cordero played at the University of North Texas/ Southern Illinois University and is now an assistant women’s designer at Leonardo Fifth Avenue. “College tennis played a crucial element in my development. I learned so much about discipline, teamwork and leadership. It was also one of the best times of my life. You create a type of bond with your team and university that you can’t find anywhere else.”

German Dalmagro played at Auburn Montgomery University and is now the head women's coach at the University of Illinois.

Carolina Aravena, played at Troy State University and is now the Tennis Director at Los Condes Country Club. “Without USP there is no way I could have known how to choose the right place for me. They were always by my side, every step of the way and for someone who doesn't know how college works in the US, it was key to have their support”.

Alain de la Bastide, played at Colorado Mesa University and is now the Supply Chain/ Project Manager internship at  Leitner Poma of America. “College Tennis impacted my life in so many positive ways. It goes further than just athletics, this mindset of always pushing for more translates into my everyday routine for all the aspects of my life”.

And many more who we cannot mention due to limited space in this article. 


Thomas E. Anderson
CEO & Founder of USP

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