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Dylan Hall

Certified Representative

Tennis has been an integral part of my life since I was a child. My love for tennis provided me with the opportunity to earn a place as a Freshman at Midwestern State University and subsequently graduate from The University of Alabama in Huntsville with a degree in Communication Arts/minor in Marketing.

 Along the way, I have also been certified as a USPTA Tennis Professional. I always loved and thrived in competition in my journey and experienced this at a very high level, including ITF junior tournaments and NCAA Men’s Tennis. This taught me the value of teamwork towards a common goal, personal perseverance, and discipline. All of these have served me well from adolescence to adulthood. 

I am passionate about many sports. As a former NCAA Men’s Tennis D2 National Championship quarterfinalist, I know very well what highly competitive collegiate sports entails.

Having a world-class company like USP provide guidance and support in securing your future as a student-athlete is invaluable. As a former USP client, my experience was outstanding. USP was responsible for my transfer to The University of Alabama in Huntsville, where I finished my dream of a sports-anchored overall collegiate experience. Because of this, I take much pride and joy in representing USP and being able to help prospective student-athletes secure their best possible college fit. Particularly those student-athletes like myself who come from the Caribbean where resources are sometimes limited.  

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