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A portion of the profits from the 2017 USP College Tennis Winter Showcase will be donated to Save the Children's Hurricane Maria Children's Relief Fund.

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USP College Consulting Services are personalized to better meet the individual needs of each athlete.

When it comes to college recruiting, one size does not fit all. We are the leading specialists in helping student athletes get recruited and receive athletic and/or academic scholarships. This is how we do it.


USP runs the largest and most successful College Tennis recruitment events in the USA.

Over 150 College Coaches participate annually to recruit players coming from more than 40 countries.


Why University Sports Program?

For the past 23 years we have created the perfect college placement method.

We avoid the trappings of mass recruiting by focusing on individual needs, education, and finding a great college match that lays the foundation for a happy and successful life.

At USP we get personal. We get to know you, your specific abilities, and your college objectives. Then we work with you to identify the ideal colleges and use our extensive connections to introduce you to coaches from those schools.

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University Sports Program Player Dashboard

The USP Dashboard

A fundamental tool of our college placement program, the innovative USP recruiting platform helps our students to get organized, gain easy access to important details, and identify the best opportunities.

With the Dashboard, we can create a personalized College List, College Planner, and Profile. Students also gain access to a wide range of valuable resources.

Our own College Search Tool is a first of its kind. It incorporates the athlete's ranking or ratings with more typical criteria like academics, size, location, division, cost, etc. The results offer the most comprehensive and effective way to search for college placement opportunities.

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Tennis Recruitment Companies - Secrets from the inside.

Tennis Recruitment Companies - Secrets from the inside.

What’s it like to be recruited to play college tennis? Most people will think of movies and will picture the “Blind Side” courting that brought everyone from Nick Saban to Lou Holtz to the living room to hear their sales pitch. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

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How A Single Event Changes Lives

How A Single Event Changes Lives

Have you ever wondered how to gain an edge on your recruitment? Why not give the University Sports Program (USP) College Tennis Circuit a try?

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Top USP Players In College Tennis By UTR

Top USP Players In College Tennis By UTR

Miami, FL - The USP team is extremely proud of the difference we make in every one of our players. From being part of the UM Vallverdu’s tradition with Laura and Daniel to Nebraska’s own German Dalmagro, our clients are the best exponent of our daily work and how much pride their success brings to us.

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Mike's Recruitment Story

Mike's Recruitment Story

Every time Mike gets a chance to hit the ball, you can hear the pain he inflicts in the wind. Mike, who was once considered a tennis prodigy, has come to terms with his future.

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