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Do You Have The Right Coach or Academy?

Tennis is one of those sports where players go through multiple coaches and academies during their junior career. So why is that? For one, it always comes down to the “W”.

Do You Have The Right Coach or Academy?

A player who is losing more than winning will eventually be looking at “outside” factors. Before you make any changes, look at what I believe is the profile of a great coach or academy:

  • Will always put the player’s future first and not its own.
  • Cares about values beyond the tennis court. Inspiring and building a good person.
  • Is sincere, a “straight shooter”. Not just say what the player or parent wants to hear.
  • Does not overpromise and create unreachable goals. Uses benchmarks.
  • Has a plan in place and shares it with the player and parent. Holds periodic meetings to assess progress and make any changes.
  • Looks out for experts to help its players in areas that complements its own, such as fitness, sports psychology, college recruiting, etc
  • Is humble, respects industry peers and looks to always learn from other coaches who have a proven successful career.
  • Is a “student” of the game. Belongs to Professional Coaching Associations, attends seminars and is on top of new tendencies, methodologies, technology, etc.

I have met good coaches and great coaches. Those who have impressed me more are the ones who every day truly want to make a difference in their player’s life. Those who measure their success not by tournament results, but by building great people. If this describes your coach or academy, you are in great hands. Just trust them.


Thomas E Anderson
President & Founder of University Sports Program.

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