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A comprehensive program that puts you in the driving seat to organize your recruiting, identify your best fit colleges and effectively communicate with college coaches.

“Students who completed our program have reached their highest academic and athletic college recruiting potential while maximizing scholarship opportunities”

Thomas Anderson - Founder of University Sports Program

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Your private partner that empowers you to take action:

  • You are guided step by step through a comprehensive “Virtual Agent” tool.
  • You build your unique profile
  • You build your strategy and plan to get noticed
  • You create your best fit list of colleges taking into account your academic and athletic profile
  • You reach out and engage with college coaches
  • You have the peace of mind that you are on top of the recruitment process
  • You are fully aware and connected to each step of the process.
  • You decide if you want to be your own recruiter or book a USP Recruiting Agent

Trusted by thousands of college coaches across the country.

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Get to Know Federico Rojas

Get to Know Federico Rojas

Federico Rojas is one the advisors at USP. He was kind enough to answer some questions for us. Federico spoke about his passion for sport and how it drives him to do better every day and to work harder. He explained his proudest experience with USP which was with a student who had to face many obstacles to get to where he is now. Federico urges his clients to live in the present just like how he does. He really is a great asset to the team and we cannot wait to see what accomplishments he has in the future. Keep reading to learn more about Federico Rojas.

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Going to College During the Pandemic

Going to College During the Pandemic

Many colleges are now requiring students and faculty to get vaccinated against COVID-19 for on-campus activities. It aligns with the CDC’s guidelines for on-campus activities. A few universities even disenrolled students who failed to report vaccination status or file for an exemption. For international students, the COVID vaccine is even required to apply for a student visa. Keep reading to find out more about the vaccine requirements.

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Get to Know Eduardo Garcia

Get to Know Eduardo Garcia

Eduardo Garcia is one the advisors at USP. He took the time to answer some questions for us. He has not been with USP for long but has a lot of experience in Tennis from being a college tennis coach and has already had great accomplishments with USP clients. He explains how the recruiting process is different for every person and gives some tips on how to advance in the recruitment process. Eduardo leads his students to success while always maintaining a positive attitude and we are so happy to have him on our team. Continue reading to learn more about Eduardo Garcia.

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Get to Know Lauren Lang

Get to Know Lauren Lang

Lauren Lang is one the advisors at USP. She was nice enough to answer a few questions about herself. She entered into the USP family a year ago because of her coach and has already created some great experiences. She shares her advice about the struggles of starting the recruitment process late after having a personal experience with this problem. Lauren Lang has already made some great contributions towards helping student athletes get into college and we are very happy with her work and her dedication. Continue reading to learn more about Lauren Lang.

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