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The “Ivy League” of College Recruiting

The term “Ivy League” is now much more than a college athletic conference, it is a synonym with high quality, elite education, tremendous value, leadership, and most of all, admissions selectivity.

The “Ivy League” of College Recruiting

You probably already heard the term “Ivy League Schools”, and you know it refers to elite universities, that are extremely difficult to get admitted to, in addition, these universities provide a top-notch education and their reputations speak for themselves: Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, and Yale University.

The term “Ivy League” is now much more than a college athletic conference, it is a synonym with high quality, elite education, tremendous value, leadership, and most of all, admissions selectivity. 

Just like these top universities, USP has its own admissions process in which we select the best candidates that will get a World Class service during their recruiting process.

The USP Admission Process starts with an Interview, we will assess your current athletic level, your academic performance, and your overall profile as an individual. Based on the information and answers provided we will determine if you are qualified for the University Sports Program.

During the interview, you will be able to ask all the questions you or your family may have regarding the recruiting process, college athletics in general, scholarships, academic requirements, and more. By the end of the interview, you will get our feedback and a very clear picture of your possibilities in college athletics.

Every week the USP Admissions Committee meets to evaluate each student we interviewed since the last session, we discuss each profile individually to make sure that every student that we work with, is eligible to play college sports, but more importantly, that he is recruitable and admissible to a university that aligns with his goals, family values, and specific needs. 

Your profile will be evaluated by a team of experts with 25 years of experience in college recruiting, we will even consider references and ask for more information if needed.

The Decision: right after the committee, you will be contacted by one of the USP Advisors and to let you know about your admission, which program you qualify for, and the next steps to begin your recruiting.

USP’s values and core beliefs are the reason behind this selectivity process, just like the Ivy Leagues, our intention is to deliver the best service and support possible to each family member we decide to accept.

“At USP we get personal”

“A World-Class Agency that represents students-athletes who want to succeed as professionals on-and-off the sports field”

Our selectivity allows us not to compromise the quality of our work, as we select only a certain amount of future student-athletes. Besides 25 years of experience and a well-known reputation across the world, USP takes great proud in the feedback provided by college coaches, parents, and students we have work with along the way:

“Getting help and guidance in the recruitment process is very important.
I had the good fortune of working with USP, Thomas Anderson, and his team.
They helped me a lot and taught me many things about the recruitment process, which I didn't know anything about. In the end, the project was a success.”
Helena Moreno - Harvard University

“Dear USP Team, now that college is about to start, we want to express our gratitude one more time for all your guidance and support during Alonsos's college recruitment and college selection. Alonso is about to leave and we are confident this was the best choice for him. We are all very happy to be a part of CBU.
Thank you very much!”
The Parents of Alonso Reid - Christian Brothers University

“I would describe USP as a group of people who really cares and will not stop until they find the right school. It goes way beyond business; it is about helping and making a difference in people’s life. They made a difference in my son’s life, as he has a full scholarship as a swimmer for the University of Louisville.”
The Mother of Carlos Claverie - University of Louisville

I can see so many parents benefiting from the tremendous knowledge and guidance that The University Sports Program provides
Greg Patton - Former Head Tennis Coach - Boise State University

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