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Tips for SAT & ACT Prep

As the first SAT test date approaches (August 29th), now is the best time to share some important tips to get you ready for the big day and ideas for improvement in some areas you may struggle on within the exam.

Tips for SAT & ACT Prep

We strongly believe that preparation is the key to success when it comes to these tests, so we gathered 8 general tips from Winward Academy, a renowned online platform specialized in preparing students for the SAT and ACT exams.

“Preparation is vital, no matter which standardized test you choose. Here are eight universal tips that apply to both the ACT and the SAT” - Winward Academy.

  1. Choose the Best Resources for You - it is important to understand that each person is different, therefore you have different needs and strengths. Make sure you choose the best resources for you.
  2. Plan Ahead - if you need more time to practice, take the time to focus in each section. But if you learn faster by studying extensive hours throughout a small number of days, adjust your plan accordingly.
  3. Review Foundations - make sure you review the basics of grammar and math. Having a strong base in these two areas play an important part in the exam and the score you will get.
  4. Respect Your Limits - just like preparing for a big competition, there can be some stress and anxiety throughout the process. The secret is to respect your body and mind, do not overdo, and find a balance.
  5. Review Mistakes - Have you ever heard the following expression: “From the mistakes we learn”? It is ok to make mistakes, but the secret is to review the error and try again until you get it right. Reinforce the content as many times as possible.
  6. Take Advantage of Special Dates - There are special dates the ACT and SAT provides the possibility to receive the test with answers for a nominal fee. These practice tests give you the opportunity to compare your answers and see which sections need more work.
  7. Practice with Real Tests - you can find different questions from the exam if you do not practice with real tests, also practice with a real scantron. It might not seem a big deal but you may encounter some challenges during the exam such as bubbling, skipping lines, time, etc.
  8. Enhance Reading Skills - students who read quickly and remember what and where they have read it, tend to be more successful in the exam. Train your brain, learn to skim through the text, enhancing your reading skills takes practice.

In addition, if you are planning to take the SAT I strongly suggest you check out the reading and math tips specific for the SAT Exam:

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The Winward Academy is a well-known successful online platform that helps students all over the world to achieve their goals and maximize their potential to reach the dream score.


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