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Yohny Romero

Scout Venezuela

Former Professional Player & Coach

Yohny is originally from Venezuela, he is a former professional tennis player who represented his country in many major tournaments including Davis Cup, Bronze medal in the '99 Panamerican Games (Canada) and Qualifier rounds at Wimbledon and the Australian Open Grand Slams.

But Yohny found his true passion as a Tennis Coach, he has been involved in the development of tremendous talent from Venezuela, his results and engaging coaching style got him to be the captain of Davis Cup and Fed Cup for Venezuela.

Yohny is the author of two Tennis Coaching Books: "The Architecture of Tennis" and "How to Select Your Tennis Coach". 

As a USP Scout, Yohny is always promoting the idea of playing College Tennis and taking the opportunity of getting a good education while competing in the sport of your passion. 


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